Overill Associates

Following the Government’s announcement of a second lockdown, our offices at 51 Old Steine will be closing from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December.

We shall be following the advice to work from home but do not anticipate any interruption to our service.  The Government has confirmed that site inspections, building surveys and major works are still permitted.  The processes for these will be guided by our governing body, RICS.  Any staff attending site visits will be provided with the relevant protective equipment.  

Staff working remotely will have access to email and calls to their direct line will be diverted to their mobile.  Senior management will have as much input in day-to-day affairs as they would do normally. 

For general enquiries or to speak to a member of the admin team, please email info@overill.com or contact:

Sally Brooks – 01273 716 887, s.brooks@overill.com
Hellen Wickens (Monday to Wednesday only) – 01273 716 895, h.wickens@overill.com

Our Building Surveyors can be contacted as follows:

Matthew Davenport – 01273 716 894, m.davenport@overill.com
John Donovan – 01273 716 897, j.donovan@overill.com
Alexander Gathern – 01273 716 893, a.gathern@overill.com
Adam Smith – 01273 716 890, a.smith@overill.com

As and when the situation changes, we will update this website.  The health and wellbeing of our clients and employees remain our priority and we shall continue to follow the latest advice from the National Institute for Health Protection.

We apologise for any inconvenience the temporary closure of our office may cause.  We hope that you are able to stay safe and well.