Overill Associates

Building surveys

A full building survey, (sometimes called a structural survey) will usually be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The surveyor will normally look at the complete property and give a detailed opinion regarding the state of the building.

This is a very popular type of report and is particularly suitable for older properties or properties that have had major alterations over the years or properties that appear to have problems that need further investigation. Building surveys may be tailored to suit the client’s particular needs and circumstances.

Overill Associates produce building surveys using their own formatted report structure.  These surveys are an economic way of providing important information that a mortgage valuation does not provide.

Our surveyors also carry out a range of other reports and surveys that provide critical information for homebuyers.

Condition Reports provide a clear and accurate picture of the condition of a property. This type of report might be commissioned by a concerned home owner or commercial client who requires an understanding of the condition of their home, workplace or property investment in order to plan and prioritise future maintenance expenditure, or perhaps to seek reassurance that their property remains in good order.

This type of survey is usually less detailed than a full building survey and concentrates instead on elements of the building fabric and components that already exhibit defects or will deteriorate without a planned programme of future maintenance.

The Report aims to:

  • Record the present condition of the building fabric and components highlighting areas of failure or future concern
  • Identify causes of historic and ongoing deterioration
  • Present conservation and maintenance recommendations based on the results of the survey
  • Identify a planned maintenance programme for future preservation and expenditure
  • Provide an approximate estimate for the programmed works, if required

Condition reports are often provided as a bespoke service for clients catering for their specific needs or aspirations.

Overill Associates have a wide range of experience in carrying out this type of survey and are able to provide clients with a report that meets their specific requirements.

A home is the most expensive purchase most people ever make.

A survey carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor will provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the intended purchase of your property at the price agreed.

Overill Associates’ pre-purchase condition surveys will advise on the nature of construction of each element of the property, list its condition and any defects encountered. Where appropriate the survey will give advice as to whether further specialist investigation is thought necessary.

Pre-purchase condition surveys are less comprehensive than a building survey and the final report is shorter and more concise

The appropriate time to instruct a survey is within the period between having an offer on a property accepted and exchanging contracts. Typically surveys are undertaken within one week of instruction, with a report issued within one week of the survey.

We understand buildings. How they can go wrong and what is required to put them right.  Buildings are becoming increasingly technical, adopting innovative and unique construction techniques that are constantly evolving, and requiring real technical understanding.

Defect investigation, also known as building pathology, provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of defects and performance in order to develop appropriate remedial and management solutions. It considers how the structure and materials of a building relate to its environment, its occupants and the way the building is used to allow a better understanding of building failures.

Overill Associates are able to inspect building defects, advise on any specific scientific testing which may be required for final diagnosis, then recommend repair solutions that consider costs, likely success, residual risks and your plans for the property. We can also provide technical due diligence in relation to an assessment of failure, or non-compliance with specification, as part of a dispute resolution or litigation situation.

We provide a holistic service for the evaluation and assessment of the condition of buildings and structural elements, from investigation, through the implementation of remedial works, to monitoring and maintenance. Our expertise can be applied at every stage in the life cycle of a structure, from feasibility to decommissioning.